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Happy Trademark Tek Heating and Air Conditioning in Medford Oregon Customer Reviews


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tart to finish my experience was exceptional. I needed to have a heatpump replaced that another company installed. Justin was prompt and competitive with the quote. He and his team were thorough with the installation and, put up with all of my questions... I would recommend Trademark Tek to anyone who needs the services they provide.

Roy N.

This is an awesome company! Their service is great and very professional. They worked to get us an appointment quickly when our AC wasn't working right. I would highly recommend this business.

Debra P.

I made a call in the evening after most businesses closed. I had installed a thermostat and had some issues with he heat pump wanting to run on auxiliary. Anyway Justin walked me through settings and was available to come out the next day to check over everything. His over the phone helped get things running smoothly and we hired him to do a maintenance since we've lived in the home almost a year it was time. He worked through everything and gave it a thorough maintenance. We feel comfortable knowing the unit has been checked. And we will be hiring him for other odd ball things we have coming up with dryer vent cleaning. Along with some bathroom venting when the time comes for remodels.

Alysun D.

I’ve been using another local company for years and have had continued problems with both heating and cooling at my home. In a 3 hour appointment, Justin not only got heat working but fixed 3-4 different issues that had been neglected and/or improperly “fixed”, which included a fire hazard that could have been much worse! Sent pictures and gave written description of everything done also. High quality work and very professional, will recommend to everyone!

Jared D.

As a Facilities Manager, I have used Trademark Tek a countless amount of times. Justin is the most knowledgeable person I have yet to meet in this trade. He is always prompt and transparent with his work. I highly recommend them.

Tom O.

Thank you for fixing our AC today! Both cars and our home were without AC so we had no refuge! You were prompt, courteous and priced right! Even the co that installed our unit on our home wouldn't get back to us! Thank you!

Amanda O.

When our air conditioner went out this summer with a house full of guests, a friend referred us to Trademark Tek. The dispatcher was very friendly, understood our urgent need, and she was able to get us scheduled for same day service. Justin arrived on time, was very knowledgeable, and had our a/c back up and running much more quickly than I expected, and without breaking the bank! I highly recommend them!

Rushell W.

I was actually this wonderful companies first customer. Let me just say, if you want quick service, complete professionalism and top notch prices, this is the best place. It was over 100 degrees for like 2 weeks straight, and I have a 7.5 month old, then he was 6 months. I called in the afternoon and our AC was repaired by 7pm. The best part, it was completely affordable. I am very grateful for this company and highly recommend their quality service.

Jamie N.

I cannot say enough good things about Trademark Tek - they truly live up to their name! Always professional and prompt service from returning phone calls to the actual onsite work. They always exceed my expectations for quality work, fairness, great prices, promptness and they are just really great people! I feel very lucky to have found them and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. Customer service is not a motto to them - they really do put the customer first. Their work ethic is a breath of fresh air in this day and age. Try them - you'll be glad you did!

Anna T.

Justin did a really good job for us. Our AC was not cooling the house during these 100+ days. We had called another company and they ran one test and told us our system was running as designed, just not capable of getting the house comfortable in this blazing heat. We were unsatisfied.

Trademark Tek came out and Justin took the time to listen and explain. He took a hose to my heat exchanger and a lot of dirt came out. Justin explained that dirt was sapping power from my system and I had to wash the exchanger coils at least once a year. He also helped me to figure out the ducting in my ceiling, which was returning air from the house to the AC intake, was actually hurting the system, because that air was heating up in the ceiling ducts so by the time it got back to the intake, it was over 100 degrees. We capped that duct tube to inactivate the ceiling returns, forcing the intake to instead pull all its air from the much cooler kitchen and it helped my system quite a bit. Service First came right away and did a really good job. I will definitely call them again next time I have an HVAC issue. Thanks Justin and Sheena, and thank you Justin for your service in the US Air Force.

Ray C.

I needed a smart thermostat installed because I couldn't find the c wire in the furnace. The job was so easy, he also cleaned & vacuumed out my furnace so I got a mini service as well. Super nice people, fast response. I recommend them :)

Lisa N.

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